Jayme Markus founded Pageless Studio with a vision to change the way design humanizes tough topics. She was a creative director in New York City prior to returning to the Midwest. She began contracting design work in 2018, and has designed for organizations such as the Tribeca Film Institute, Sesame Workshop, Rock the Vote, and UNC-Chapel Hill.

Today, Pageless has evolved into a multimedia visual studio, specializing in working with top designers and multimedia professionals from around the world to create branded content that humanizes and informs.

Photo of Jayme Markus in a pink dress
AVAIL book design

Publication design

The way words are delivered and displayed really makes or breaks how they resonate with your people. Create an educational and engaging annual report, workbook, or ebook that builds trust and credibility for your business.

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Web design

The world is full of browser windows these days. Improve or build your website in a way that personally translates your mission and goals, and resonates long after the tabs are closed.

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Tribeca Film Institute Web Design
Logo for Teach to Reach


It is said that your Brand is what other people say and feel about your business. It is more than just the visuals but the experience you provide them as a whole. Refresh or begin creating a strong brand that you feel proud of.

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Web xr

Dream of creating a project with XR, AR, and VR experiences? Our team will help you with just that. Team lead, Joshua A. Fisher, PhD has developed prototypes for Atlanta United, the MLS Soccer team and designed mixed reality installations for places including the Museum of Contemporary Photography, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Photo Credit: The Rabbit Society

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Smartphone has their camera pointed at someone's black and white sneaker, but on the phone screen the user is able to click and make the shoe appear red on their phone - using XR technology.